“The focus for FP3 is innovation. If it’s an emerging technology, this is where you’ll learn about it.” — Edward Cook Jr.


If you fabricate a tangible product, you’ll want to be at FP3 to learn how to use industrial printing to make it more effective. Join us and learn how to leverage all the industry has to offer. Education at FP3 will focus on what you need to take your products, processes and businesses to the next level.


Collaboration is at the heart of innovation in manufacturing and functional printing, and they’re the core of FP3 — Functional Printing, Process and Products. Designed for CEOs and business leaders, SGIA’s ground-breaking conference combines a robust, peer-reviewed agenda with extensive networking.
David Hogue, Ph.D. , UX Design Lead at Google

David M. Hogue, Ph.D. is a UX design leader, product strategist, and applied psychologist with 20+ years experience. He combines his design, research, and psychology skills to bring deeper insight into user behavior, guide product strategy and service design systems, and solve challenging UX problems.

He is currently a UX Lead at Google working on the Android ecosystem and has consulted for agencies, start-ups, and corporations to help


them build stronger design teams through organizational structures, processes, and training. Dave teaches information and interaction courses at SFSU, and he has a special interest in design processes, strategy, and ethics.
Join us as David talks about how to create better products, services, and experiences based on psychological principles and theories that enable us to identify, define, and frame problems more effectively. We'll discuss a model of cognition, motivation, emotion, and more that helps us understand a wide range of diverse product challenges that go beyond interface design to consider context, goals, and even culture.