Full Name

Robert Prioleau


Blue Ion

Speaker Bio

Robert Prioleau is a Founding Partner of Blue Ion, a branding, design and marketing agency with offices in Charleston and Greenville, SC. Robert leads the company’s branding practice, where he applies his expertise across a wide range of clients, causes and industries. His role at Blue Ion, equal parts sheepherder, strategist and therapist, is to bring out the best in brands and their communities.

In 2017 Robert and the Blue Ion team launched Outpost, a platform for celebrating the essential connection between people and nature and inspiring everyone to go way out there.

Robert spent his formative years in Houston before moving on to Vanderbilt University and later the MBA program at the University of Texas. Before launching Blue Ion, Robert cut his teeth working at advertising agencies and, for a short and painful stint, the phone company.

If he had a collection of “I’d rather be” bumper stickers, he’d “rather be:” outdoors, on a bike or board, running with his dogs, playing harmonica or sipping good tequila. All at once is a life goal.