Below is just a sampling of what's to come with WFX. With three breakout sessions and captivating keynotes, WFX: Wide-Format Exchange has something for everyone! Speakers and panelists will be revealed soon...
Becoming a One-Stop Shop
More and more print shops are attempting to eliminate the competition down the street by no longer outsourcing their printed graphics work. They’re bringing everything in-house, from design to installation. James Swanson, principal, Screaming Images, shares why he made the move to becoming a one-stop shop, the challenges along the way, and the successes he has to show for it. 
Featured Speaker James Swanson - Screaming Images
Breakout Session
Leveraging the Power of Technology and Social Media to Maximize Profit
We’ve all attended sessions on how and why you should create a company Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile to gain new clients and increase profit. But have you learned how you can implement social media, digital media, and even augmented reality to help your shop engage with your current audiences and capture the attention of younger audiences? After this session, you’ll head back to your business ready to connect digital and print. 
Featured Speaker Inna Semenyuk - InnavationLabs
Managing Breakthrough Performance in the New Economy
We operate in an increasingly connected, competitive business environment that’s changing at an unprecedented rate. In order to thrive, we need to challenge conventional leadership practices and embrace progressive techniques and technologies than can transform our businesses. You’ll leave this session ready to embrace change and use it to drive growth in your company.
Keynote Speaker Ryan Estis - Ryan Estis & Associates
Meeting Your Clients’ Color Expectations
Time is a precious commodity, especially for your most important clients. Communicating clearly when it comes to color and color management is even more critical in today’s fast-paced world. What are brands looking for from a print provider? What are the best practices you should have in place in your shop? Ray Weiss, Digital Imaging Specialist, SGIA, will share observations from brand owners and cover the four keys to brand color management.
New Opportunities in 3D Printing
Though some question whether 3D printing is relevant in the wide-format market, don’t count this technology out just yet. Craig Miller, principal shareholder in Las Vegas-based Pictographics, will discuss his recent, significant investments in 3D printing technology and how they are transforming a business with 2D roots. Miller will share where the technology stands today, how he sees it affecting the market, and how you can adopt 3D printing successfully.
Featured SpeakerCraig Miller - Pictographics
Breakout Session
New Opportunities in Interior Décor
Furniture, pillows, wallcoverings: The digital print opportunities in the interior and home décor market are endless. In this session you’ll learn where today's wide-format capabilities stand and how digital applications will drive on-demand customization at the intersection of interior décor and digital print. Break out of the mindset of thinking of yourself solely as a "service provider.” The value proposition of digital décor is actually about developing brands, not printing graphics: helping online companies build their own custom décor lines or offer their customers on-demand customization.
Moderator Rachel Nunziata -
Breakout Session
New Opportunities in Textile Printing
Soft signage and fast fashion are filling industry tradeshow floors, but where do textiles fit into your wide-format digital print shop’s future? In this session, you’ll learn about the benefits in cost (short runs, reduced production space, and reduced shipping fees), excitement in creativity (customization, eye-catching designs, and endless color options), and the technology developments on the forefront (including single-pass printing). 
Soft signage and fast fashion are filling industry tradeshow floors, but where do textiles fit into your wide-format digital print shop’s future? In this session, you’ll learn about the benefits in cost (short runs, reduced production space, and reduced shipping fees), excitement in creativity (customization, eye-catching designs, and endless color options), and the technology developments on the forefront (including single-pass printing). 
  Breakout Session
Preserving Customer Loyalty
In the highly competitive world in which we compete, retaining your current business can be the most critical aspect of your sales and marketing initiatives – and often the most overlooked. In this session, we’ll explore and discuss ideas that will help you develop and maintain customer loyalty, to not only preserve but also expand sales with your current customer base.
Featured Speaker Marty McGhie - Ferrari Color
Breakout Session
The Automated Printing Plant
As competition from other providers heats up and margins become tighter, today’s high-volume printing businesses have no choice but to eliminate inefficiencies throughout their operations and reduce the number of human touches to the bare minimum. We’ll look at why automation no longer means the speed and substrate-loading mechanism of your press, but extends from the interface with your customer through the shipment and just-in-time delivery of the graphics, and beyond.
  Breakout Session
The Only Leadership Decision that Really Matters
Most of us measure employees by quantifiable measures like profit, sales, and accomplishments. But to Anthony Tjan, this approach overlooks what he believes are a successful organization’s best assets – its people. Drawing upon his success as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he will show that when we invest in relationships, we create enduring cultures that people actually believe in and valuable organizations that do more than just maximize profits.
Keynote Speaker Anthony Tjan - The Cue Ball Group
The WFX Buyers’ Panel
How are the signage and graphics programs for some of the top programs evolving, and why? What can you, as a print service provider, do to better serve the needs of these major clients and prospects? In this interactive session, you’ll have the rare opportunity to find out directly from the brand owners themselves. Our panel will feature the decision makers responsible for the signage and graphics programs of three top corporate brands. You’ll get invaluable insight into how you can better serve your own top clients – and win more of these lucrative accounts.
Panelist Kevin Manion - Wells Fargo
Featured Panelist Harry Steen - Supervalu
The Women in Print Panel
Recipients of Big Picture magazine’s annual Women in Print Awards will discuss their roles in today’s ever-changing digital print industry and share their experiences – from philanthropy, progressive responsibility, and innovation – that have led them to not only receiving the Award but becoming successful leaders in the wide-format market. You’ll learn how they got their start in the industry, the challenges they’ve faced, and the reasons they’re still here today. 
Panelist Diana Herrera - APImaging
Panelist Michelle Gobert - Image 360 Central
Panelist Elaine Scrima - GPS
What Single-Pass Printing Means for Your Business
Though it has been hotly anticipated for some time now, single-pass inkjet technology has only gained a foothold in a limited number of niche markets to date. In this session, you’ll learn about the most significant single-pass inkjet systems emerging today – their capabilities, the sectors where they will have the most impact, and when. You’ll also find out the critical steps you must take to prepare your business to successfully adopt this technology, directly from a printer who has taken this journey
  Breakout Session
Why Sustainability and Profitability Go Hand in Hand
How can renewable business practices make your shop more profitable? By making smart choices and thinking more in the long term, businesses across the country have proven a return on initial investment and profit growth, and our panel is proof. In this interactive discussion, you’ll get actionable ideas from both the printer and brand perspective that will help you create a sustainable and profitable business. 
Moderator Marci Kinter - SGIA, SGP
Breakout Session
Why the Retail Store Is Evolving, Not Disappearing
Store closing, layoffs, and bankruptcies – hardly a day goes by when the headlines don’t include dire news about retail. In this session, the co-founder of a leading retail design and branding firm will draw from years of experience gleaned from helping leading brands craft their strategies to explain why these seismic changes are happening, why they do not foreshadow the death of the brick and mortar store, and why signage and graphics have become critical tools for retailers in rethinking their environments.
Featured Speaker Kraig Kessel - Kraido
Breakout Session